nWave (formerly PhysWAVE) is Nimbic’s flagship 3D, broadband, full-wave electromagnetic solver.  nWave is based on proprietary accelerated boundary element technology that enables unprecedented speed and capacity, while preserving gold-standard Maxwell accuracy.  nWave is built from the ground up to exploit multi-core and hybrid architectures, and to utilize the best of fast solver technology to enable fast simulation on single or many cores.

nWave’s integrated solution provides, in a unified interface, multiple options and features that typically are available only in multiple products. Designers can benefit from Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Simultaneous Switching, and EMI features from this interface that exploits powerful broadband full-wave EM technology.


nWave – High-Speed, High-Accuracy and High-Capacity 3D Broadband Full-Wave EM Solution for SI, PI and EMI


nWave features chip, package and board import capability from industry standard formats, and merging utilities within an integrated workspace, thereby enabling seamless silicon-package-board co-analysis.

nWave product1 nWave

nWave View

nWave’s  deep  IP  and  rich feature  list  enables users to choose from multiple modes and design-enabling features throughout the design cycle. nWave’s high speed and scalability enables designers to perform signoff post-layout verification while a parametric modeling mode allows designers to perform intelligent what-if analysis early in the design cycle to help mitigate significant re-work later in the process. nWave’s broadband formulation enables generation of DC to high-frequency S-parameters from a single tool.

nWave product2 nWave

nWave View

Users can obtain S, Y and Z matrices, visualize induced and return currents, improve designs by observing strong coupling paths,   create merged chip-package-board 3d models and observe electrical behavior through the integrated system. nWave’s powerful EMI features allows users to specify temporal and steady-state voltage and on-chip current noise sources from industry standard formats and observe selected noise spectra, near-field, far-field and EMI/EMC compatibility.

nWave product3 nWave

nWave View

nWave integrates tightly with existing design flows in a seamless fashion, thereby enabling efficient frontend and backend integration.

Design Flow

nWave offers an integrated full-wave 3D SI, PI, EMI solution in a single software framework and seamlessly fits into standard CAD flows.  nWave directly imports geometry in widely used CAD formats and produces output models that are compatible with standard circuit simulation engines.

nwave flow nWave

nWave Design Flow